A list of what I’ve been doing lately

At the moment I am on the bus again, on my way to a new destination, which is a 9 hour drive away from where I was, which means that I finally can take my time to tell you guys what I’ve been doing with my time lately. It’s been so long since I’ve posted a blogpost that it’s almost a shame. But here I am again. And I’ve got some fresh new stories to tell.

As you might have noticed this blogpost will be in English. It’s just because somehow my mind is thinking in English at the moment and it’s just easier to write a story in the language of my thoughts.
Alrighty let’s start where I ended my last story: My road trip in Victoria. Instead of a blogpost like that this blogpost will be just a list of things with a short description.

Arriving in Hobart
It was early in the morning when I drove from the airport to the city of Hobart. The way to the city was just absolutely stunning. In Hobart I went to the very suprising Tasmanian museum and to beautiful Sandy Bay.
Farmwork in Huonville
Partly because I wanted to experience the farmwork life and partly because I wanted to get a job quickly and short termed to earn some money I started doing farmwork in Huonville, a very small town close to Hobart. I did strawberry picking and it was actually quite horrible. But oh well. It was more horrible that I thought it would be alright to camp in Tasmania (because it was much cheaper). For one and a half week I was sleeping in my 15 dollar Kmart tent, in my 12 dollar Kmart sleeping bag (Kmart is like the Action in The Netherlands) with literally five layers of clothing. And I was still freezing. Yes. Tasmania at night is really cold. Though, I did have a nice time there.

Roadtrip Tasmania
You can’t leave Tasmania without doing a roadtrip. So again I hired some fancy vans with some nice people and got back on the road again. I realized Tasmania is absolutely absolutely beautiful. White beaches, amazing mountains, exciting rainforests and a stunning landscape. Tasmania has it all. I enjoyed it a lot.

Since I had been in freezing Tasmania for three weeks already (just kidding, it was still around 20 degrees at daytime sometimes) I really needed to go to feel the heat again, so I booked a flight straight to Cairns. In Cairns I booked a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef to do snorkeling for the very first time in my life and it was SO SO SO amazing. I was honestly so amazed that I was gasping all the time when I saw new kinds of fish or coral. You should imagine snorkeling in the movie of Finding Nemo. It was absolutely the most surprising kind of nature I have ever seen.

There is not much to do in Townsville, so this is going to be pretty short. I arrived in the early morning and I was so tired that I slept in the park for four hours because I couldn’t check in into my hostel yet. After I checked in into my very cool hostel I slept for another 2 hours next to the swimming pool and in the late afternoon I saw the beautiful sunset of the Castle Hill lookout point.

Magnetic Island
The reason why I was in Townsville was because I wanted to catch the ferry to Magnetic Island. You should imagine Magnetic Island as a small island with some normal roads, some stores and cafes, but all very small, so very island-ish. The days existed of very relaxing beach days and a really nice roadtripping day over the whole island with our badass 4WD car to see a variety of bays and some koalas and wallabies. Our hostel was really cool as well since we were sleeping in little A-shaped bungalows. I really had a wonderful time.

Whitsunday Islands
So the last thing I’ve been up to were the Whitsunday Islands. I booked a day tour (because the overnight ones were too expensive). With a speedboat kind of boat we cruised through the wonderful islands, of which some were unfortunately a bit damaged by the cyclone Debbie about a month ago. We snorkeled around and saw some huge fish and then we went to the scenic Whitehaven Beach. And yes it is really absolutely breathtaking. Let the pictures speak for themselves.
And now I will begin with my final three weeks in Australia. It is really so weird to imagine that I’ll be back in The Netherlands at the end of this month. My feelings about going back are so mixed as well. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Australia and my time of travelling, but ofcourse I am so exited to see my friends and family again. That’s the positive side of going home.
But first: Surfing in Agnes Water!
See you at my next list of stories! (It will be in Dutch again then)


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